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Call launch: DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme

Time (GMT +00) 12:00 15:00


John Young - Directorate Coordinator, ODI.


Stevan Lee - Senior Economist and Team Leader, Growth Research, DFID (tbc).

Dr Dirk Willem te Velde - Research Leader (Innovation), Directorate, ODI.

Dr Steve Wiggins - Research Leader (Agriculture), Directorate, ODI.

Professor Helmut Reisen, Advisory Committee for Directorate (Finance) and Former Head of Research, OECD Development Centre.

Professor Maureen Mackinstosh, First Call Grant Holder:

Industrial Productivity, Health Sector Performance and Policy Synergies for Inclusive Growth: A Study in Tanzania and Kenya, and Professor of Economics, The Open University.

Dan Korbel - Senior Research Portfolio Manager, ESRC.


This new four year DFID-ESRC programme aims to fund world class scientific research on economic growth in low income countries with a high potential for impact on policy and practice. The three major themes are: agriculture and growth; the financial sector development and growth; and innovation, diffusion and economic growth. The Directorate for the programme is led by ODI and will provide intellectual leadership and oversight, ensure synergy with other growth research and enhance the programme’s impact.

The Second Call for research is due to be launched on February 25th and this open meeting is an opportunity for prospective applicants to learn more about the programme and to network with others in the field.  There will be presentations from the Growth Research team at DFID, ESRC, the ODI Research Leaders, and a senior grant-holder for a research project from the first call.

For any queries please email [email protected].

You can find more information on the pre-call on the ESRC website.

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