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Cairo Roundtable: Evidence on Governance into Policy

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Hero image description: Nepali farmer Image credit:flickr/[email protected] Image license:Creative Commons


Governance evidence can be controversial. Sometimes it can be even more so if it comes from think tanks and research institutes. Yet the role of these institutions is critical for strengthening evidence informed policy making. 

Organized by UNDP OGC with support from IDRC Canada, this roundtable, entitled: "Evidence on Governance into Policy: The Role of Research Institutes and Think Tanks", sought to identify factors which affect the likelihood of governance evidence informing policy. It discussed the role which think tanks and research institutes play in supplying governance evidence and promoting and introducing it into governance reform, political debate and policy process.

The roundtable was organized as a side-event of the Information and Decision Support Center IDSC International Conference on "The role of think tanks in developing countries", January 18-19 2009, Cairo.