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Bridging Research, Policy and Practice, Australia

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


John Young - ODI, London
Sudarno Sumarto - Director, The SMERU Research Institute, Jakarta


This workshop was designed for researchers, consultants, the private sector, policy makers and development practitioners and focused on practical strategies for bridging research and policy, taking into consideration the development of economic policy that focuses on the very poor. It allowed participants to:

  • share their own experience in using research-based evidence to influence development policy;
  • learn the latest theory and practice of bridging research and policy;
  • review research designs that have a built in policy application; and
  • practice using new approaches and tools

Participants were asked to come to the workshop prepared to tell a story about which they have some first hand knowledge, where research-based evidence did, or didn't influence policy or practice. The stories were required to include information about the policy issue, the evidence, the context within which it took place, the key players, the events as they unfolded and the final resolution. While the workshop itself allowed only a limited amount of time to practice using the tools, participants were provided with a comprehensive set of handouts with more information about other tools and approaches to try out after the workshop.

University House, ANU, Canberra