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Book launch - Justice and security reform: why donors struggle to engage informal actors

Time (GMT +00) 17:00 18:30
Hero image description: Displaced Camps in Chad, Africa Image credit:IFRC Image license:ODI given rights


Lisa Denney- Research Officer, Politics and Governance Programme, Overseas Development Institute


Michael Woolcock - Lead Social Development Specialist, Development Research Group, World Bank

Mark White - Deputy Head, Stabilisation Themes & Regions (STAR), Stabilisation Unit


Marta Foresti - Head of the Politics and Governance Programme, Overseas Development Institute


​Justice and security reform have become key components of post-conflict peacebuilding efforts but tend to focus overwhelmingly on (re)building the state apparatus, despite the recognition that the majority of people, particularly in fragile states, rely upon ‘informal’ security and justice actors in their day-to-day lives. Why then has engagement with informal actors remained so limited?

Justice and Security Reform: Development agencies and informal institutions in Sierra Leoneby Lisa Denneyundertakes a deep contextual analysis of the reform of the country’s security and justice sectors since the end of the civil war in 2002. Arguing that the political and bureaucratic nature of development agencies leads to a lack of engagement with informal institutions, this book examines the challenges of sustainably transforming security and justice in fragile states. Through the analysis of a post-conflict context often held up as an example of successful peacebuilding, the book reveals how the politics of development agencies is an often forgotten constraint in security and justice reform and development efforts more broadly.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Claire Bracegirdle ([email protected]).