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Beyond the headlines: UK public opinion on aid and development

Time (GMT +00) 12:30 14:00
Hero image description: Public attitudes to aid Image credit:ODI Image license:Creative Commons


Spencer Henson - Professorial Fellow and Team Leader, IDS

Leni Wild - Research Fellow, ODI

Sarah Mulley - Associate Director for Migration, Trade and Development, IPPR

Joe Twyman - Director of Political and Social Research, YouGov


Ben Jackson - Chief Executive, Bond


Memphis Barker - Assistant Editor of Independent Voices, The Independent


Debates on public attitudes to aid and development remain in the headlines and broad support for UK development efforts can no longer be taken for granted. The financial crisis and ensuing spending cuts continue to impact on public opinion and there is some evidence of growing scepticism about the effectiveness of UK aid programmes (and, indeed, of aid in general). But how much is really known about public opinion trends and why people hold the views they do? This public event seeks to look below the surface of public opinion, and to take stock of the current evidence base, drawing on both the latest opinion polling and new ODI/IPPR qualitative research. With a panel of researchers and campaigners, it will ask, what are the implications of this research for how to communicate aid and development issues and where do we go from here?