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Beyond States: the story behind the Global Compact for Migration

Time (GMT +01) 18:00 19:00
Image credit:Marta Foresti
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Raphaela Schweiger is a political scientist, focusing on international relations and global governance. She holds a doctorate from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Beyond States is based on the research for her PhD thesis. Raphaela is the Director of the Migration Program at the Robert Bosch Stiftung where she leads on global migration governance, climate mobility, the protection of refugees and migrants, cities and the intersection between technological change and migration. She serves as the Chair of the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), the largest philanthropic collaborative on the issue in Europe. She is a 2023 Yale World Fellow.

In December 2018 UN member states adopted the first-ever global policy framework on international migration, the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. While many considered this to be a landmark achievement, the road to get there was a rather bumpy one, and the jury is still out on the difference it will make in practice.

Join ODI with Dr. Raphaela Schweiger, author of ‘Beyond States - The Global Compact for Migration and the role of non-state actors and cities’, investigating the role and influence of NGOs, businesses, local authorities, trade unions, and others in the process leading to the adoption of the Compact. We will discuss whether the involvement of these actors made a difference in the state-led UN system, and what comes next. Drawing on methods initially applied to assess global climate negotiations, the book analyses the influence of non-state actors in international negotiations on migration.

Ambassador David Donoghue and Professor Gibril Faal will provide some initial comments followed by a conversation with event participants. It will be possible to follow the conversation online, a link will be provided soon. For those able to attend in person, a drinks reception will follow.

Please RSVP with an indication of whether you will attend in person or online to [email protected].


  • Marta Foresti

    Marta Foresti

    Founder and CEO of Lago, Visiting Senior Fellow ODI

  • Raphaela Schweiger.jpg

    Dr. Raphaela Schweiger

    Programme Director – Migration, Robert Bosch Stiftung