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Anti-discrimination measures: a path out of poverty

Time (GMT +01) 08:45 12:00

Anti-discrimination measures: a path out of poverty


Policy measures to combat discrimination, and social action to implement such measures are essential to achieve the inclusion of marginalised social groups on good terms in the economy, polity and society. Recent research has found that discrimination, in its different forms, can contribute to maintain or push certain categories of people into poverty. It follows that reducing discrimination is a key component of poverty eradication strategies where discrimination is prevalent.

In the quest to ‘leave no one behind’ to what extent can anti-discrimination and affirmative action policies and programmes create more inclusive societies? 

What is the evidence that such actions reduce discrimination and improve the outcomes for marginalised groups? 

The event gathers renowned international experts to discuss the impact of anti-discrimination measures on poverty eradication strategies, starting from the first findings of the project “Evaluating anti-discrimination measures”.

203 Blackfriars Road London