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All that glitters - what next for climate finance?

Time (GMT +00) 13:00 14:00


In late 2012, rich nations concluded three years of ‘Fast Start’ climate finance to developing countries. ODI figures showed they met their targets to disburse $30 billion in climate aid. But Parties to the UNFCCC left December’s conference in Doha, Qatar with little on the table by way of further climate finance and meagre signs of how countries would reach their ambitions to mobilise $100 billion per year to developing countries by 2020.

Was the Fast Start Finance period as successful as it appears? Is climate finance achieving its goals, to date, and critically, is it reaching the most climate-affected? What pledges are on the table now and what are the prospects for gearing up financial flows to support low carbon, climate resilient development at large scale?

Join us online - visit http://alertnetlive.trust.org/Event/All_that_glitters_What_next_for_climate_finance

Speakers include:

Mohammed Nasr, Africa Group of Negotiators Niclas Svenningsen, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Smita Nakhooda, Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Daisy Streatfeild, Senior Policy Advisor on Climate Finance, UK Department of Energy & Climate Change Tim Gore, Oxfam (tbc)