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Aligning trade and climate policy for LDCs and Graduates

Time (GMT +00) 12:30 13:45
Image credit:Benjamin le Roux Image license:Unsplash


Graduation from “Less Developed Country” status marks huge economic and social progress, but risks can arise after the loss of international support measures. To deliver the SDGs and halve greenhouse gas emissions, climate and trade policy need to align in a way that works for the poorest.

The LDC Group and the Alliance of Small Island States formed an influential and ambitious bloc in the UN climate negotiations. However, LDC trade and climate policy communities need to engage in a structured way to support transitional measures.

This event seeks to reflect on the outcomes of COP26 (particularly around carbon markets) and their implications for the LDC Group ahead of MC12. The event seeks to engage in discussions on trade, the environment and climate, building on the outcomes of the Aligning Climate and Trade Policy for LDCs and Graduates assignment undertaken by ODI and IIED for the Enhanced Integrated Framework of the WTO.

This event will be streamed online on Trade and Sustainability Hub (TSH) platform, hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. If you would like to join us, please register for the TSH here. You will then receive your log in details. On 02 December, please log in and find us using the details received by email.


  • Sarah Colenbrander

    Chair - Director of Climate and Sustainability Programme, ODI

  • Jodie Keane

    Panellist - Senior Research Fellow, ODI

  • Ratnakar Adhikari

    Panellist - Executive Director EIF

  • Laura Kelly

    Panellist - Director, Shaping Sustainable Markets, IIED

  • Saleem Huq

    Panellist - Director International Climate Centre for Climate Change and Development