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Aid in a Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) context

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The PRS approach, and the new forms of cooperation associated with it, pose serious challenges to donor agencies and development practitioners. In February 2001 the Finnish Government made a decision-in-principle to reorient international development cooperation objectives in line with the PRS agenda.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a forum for stakeholders in the Finnish development community to develop their understanding of the PRS agenda and explore the implications that the change in approach might have for them. The workshop set out the rationale behind the PRS approach and discussed some of the key implications for different stakeholders. Central to the discussions was a realism about the difficulties and risks entailed, with the aim of breaking the cycle of excessive expectation and disillusionment.The workshop proved to be an important forum for sharing experiences and drawing lessons and galvanising thinking around the changes and strategies necessary for working in a PRSP context.