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'A Change of Skin?' - The Latin American Elections of 2005 and 2006 and Their Implications for Political and Economic Governance in the Region

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Between December 2005 and December 2006, 12 countries in Latin America will hold elections, with important implications for regional politics and economics. The purpose of this meeting series is to discuss what the effects of these elections will be on the region as a whole, and on particular countries, with a focus on Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru. It will serve as a discussion session for larger issues on the quality of democracy, governance, institutions and economics in Latin America, and the comparative lessons that might be drawn from the democratisation process the region is experiencing.

The first meeting, in London at ODI, will discuss the broad implications of the elections for region-wide themes and concerns. These include the impact of elections on democracy and governance; on economic models and financial markets; and on civil society and its relationship with the state. The second meeting, in Oxford in association with the Oxford University Latin American Society, will discuss the electoral process and what it will mean for the focus countries.