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The Global Reset Dialogue: Future Voices

Young leaders reimagine a world beyond coronavirus

Our Global Reset Dialogue invited leaders around the world to share their vision of what must happen next when it comes to global leadership, the climate crisis, economic resilience and human rights and peace. 

We welcomed suggestions from Nobel Laureates, current and former heads of state, CEOs, eminent academics and civil society leaders, but we also wanted to hear from industries, organisations and actors who wouldn’t usually meet or collaborate to create solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

Community organisers and activists long relegated to the sidelines are gaining momentum and political power, so we used our 60th anniversary to engage a range of future voices in our work. 

This youth-led dialogue re-imagines the way forward when it comes to tackling some of the biggest global challenges.

The role young leaders have played in bringing people together to advocate for change in recent years, whether in tackling the climate crisis or systemic racism, is remarkable. This video series explores how coalitions of activists, academics, business and civil society organisations can encourage change and build effective coalitions to do so.

Our Future Voices made recommendations in response to four pressing questions.

We asked:

Who will step up to shape global leadership?

How can we collaborate to emerge as a stronger and more equitable global economy?

What has to happen next on the climate emergency?

What actions are needed to ensure that we don’t lose ground on human rights?

Who will step up to shape global leadership?

Grunde Almeland, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Education @GrundeA

Grunde is a Norwegian politican for the Liberal Party currently serving as State Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Research. He stresses the importance of international cooperation to achieve quality education for all.

Farhia Jama, Co-founder, Holby Training Solutions @holby_training_solutions

Farhia co-founded Holby Training Solutions, a social venture that is redesigning the African entrepreneurship journey through skills training and economic empowerment programmes. She explains what leaders should prioritise to ensure local communities can access basic services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What has to happen next on the climate emergency?

Andrea Manning, Music Deputy Director, Zero Hour @ThisIsZeroHour

Andrea Manning is Music Deputy Director at Zero Hour - an intersectional movement of youth activists fighting for a livable planet for all. She explains why indigenous knowledge should be crucial in tackling the climate emergency.

Genevieve Jiva, Coordinator, Pacific Islands Climate Action Network @CANPacificIs

Genevieve is from Suva, Fiji and is the coordinator for the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN), the Pacific regional node of CAN International. She has been a member of PICAN since 2015, participating in their activities and advocating for stronger action on climate change.

Madhav Datt, Founder, Green the Gene @greenthegene

Madhav founded Green the Gene as a small environmental club in school when he was eight years old. It's now one of the world’s largest completely youth-run environmental non-profits. He explains why multi-stakeholder solutions driven from the grassroots are essential to tackle the climate crisis.

How can we collaborate to emerge as a stronger and more equitable global economy?

Tamila dos Santos, CEO and Founder, Afroimpacto @tami2snts @afroimpacto

Tamila is a social innovator and project manager from Brazil who founded Afroimpacto - an organisation focused on afro-entrepreneurial development to reduce social, economic, and educational inequality in business. She calls for more support to micro-entrepreneurs in accessing grants. 

Vladislav Kaim, Advisor, UN Secretary General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change @VladislavKaim

Vladislav is a young economist committed to ensuring green and decent jobs for young people. He calls for an urgent reassessment in the way we view expenses and investments in the budgetary process.

Sandile Hlatshwayo, Economist, International Monetary Fund @femme_economics @IMFNews

Sandile evaluates risks across the International Monetary Fund’s 189 member countries through crisis prediction modelling, text-based analytics, and strategic foresight activities. She explains why collaboration is so important as we plan the recovery from Covid-19.

What actions are needed to ensure that we don’t lose ground on human rights?

Maria del Mar Jaramillo Salcedo, Executive Director, Fundación Soy Oportunidad, @soyoportunidad

Maria del Mar Jaramillo Salcedo co-founded Fundación Soy Oportunidad after her own experience as a young mother. She now supports other young mothers in Colombia to ensure their social and economic rights are fulfilled.

The Global Reset Dialogue

We opened the Global Reset Dialogue by asking leaders around the world to share their visions for a building a more equal, resilient and sustainable world beyond Covid-19.

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