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Hero image description: Photo: ODI, Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Current vacancies

Purpose and role

The Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crisis (SPARC) programme is looking to contract a company to develop a podcast series for the programme. We are looking to develop four episodes, based around three of the main workstreams:

  • Aid and Resilience;
  • Livelihoods and Markets;
  • Land and Conflict

Each of these episodes will need to include our cross cutting themes of gender equality and social inclusion; innovation; and climate change.

For the fourth episode we would like to produce a one off ‘highlights’ of the three episodes above in French.

We will need support to devise, produce, record, edit and mix these episodes. This will include recording speakers remotely, including those based across our SPARC countries. Advice on hosting these podcasts is also welcome.

Submission details

Please submit your quote for the above work to Emma Lovell ([email protected]) and Charlotte King ([email protected]) by 23:59 UK time on 28 March 2023.

The quote should include:

  • Profile of the organisation
  • Your approach to producing the podcast
  • Proposed budget including all fees in GBP (USD or EUR also accepted)

ODI will review quotes on a rolling basis. Following conclusion of any required negotiations, a contract will be put in place with ODI.

ODI recherche un conseiller technique (senior) (H/F) sur l’opérationnalisation des réformes de budgétisation par programme et plus particulièrement la mise en place d’un nouveau dialogue de gestion entre les acteurs de la chaîne de la dépense. L’expert interviendra en appui direct du Ministère du Développement Rural au Mali. Le poste sera basé à Bamako. L’expert interviendra en remplacement d’un expert en poste et rejoindra une équipe d’appui déjà opérationnelle au Mali parmi lesquels d’autres experts long terme basés à Bamako. Par ailleurs ODI appuiera les travaux de l’expert avec son expertise dans les réformes budgétaires et comptables via les équipes du siège (à Londres) et dans la région.

Le programme d’appui de la mission en cours d’appui aux autorités maliennes s’étendra jusqu’à fin 2024, l’expert devra reprendre le programme d’activités établi et pourra l’adapter sur la base de son expertise pour maximiser l’impact. Le poste est adapté à un professionnel expérimenté et engagé, prêt à s'impliquer sur un programme dynamique.

Pour exprimer votre intérêt, veuillez envoyer un CV accompagné d'une lettre de motivation indiquant votre tarif journalier à [email protected] avant 23hr59 le 28th février 2023.

ODI is seeking to appoint a Senior Events Consultant to join our fast-paced public affairs and communications team, for a period of up to five months. This role will be responsible for the planning and implementation of ODI’s flagship convening strategy. Specifically to:

  • Raise the impact and reach of ODI’s convening programme, ensuring that it influences key target audiences.
  • Use ODI events and podcasts as a platform for showcasing ODI’s research and ideas.
  • Ensure that ODI’s reputation as a major convenor of debates is strengthened and maintained.
  • Manage the delivery of events, coordinating with communications staff.
  • Identify and secure globally renowned high-profile speakers.

In line with ODI’s five year strategy and communications strategy, the Senior Events Consultant will lead the development and delivery of a high-level convening portfolio which will enhance ODI’s effectiveness, awareness and reputation and reach new stakeholders around the world.

To find out more, download the brief below. To apply, email [email protected].

Background of project

Project’s title: Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and unsustainable behaviour of Distant Water Fishing Fleets

This project will address a fundamental data gap related to distant water fishing (DWF) fleets to help inform sustainable fisheries policies in five developing economies (Senegal, Ghana, Peru, Ecuador, and the Philippines), which are some of the most vulnerable fisheries in the world where the impacts of unsustainable fishing affect people’s income, employment, and food security the hardest. Using a replicable and scalable approach, the project will:

  • visualise, define, and investigate the scale, form, and behaviour of the international and national DWF fleets operating within the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) and surrounding waters of each country;
  • study and compare illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and unsustainable behaviour of the DWF fleets in these EEZs to identify patterns and commonalities, as well as concrete vessels (including the companies behind them); and
  • estimate the economic losses derived from this activity to build a business case for policy and enforcement reform.

Purpose and role

ODI is seeking a case study researcher for the Philippines case study as part of the above project. They will work with the Economist and the Technical Lead in generating the country case studies, offering local insights and support with local stakeholders.

Submission details

Please submit your Expression of Interest (EoI) to Ilayda Nijhar ([email protected]).

The EoI should include:

  • Profile of the researcher(s) / organisation (0.5 page)
  • Your interest in the project themes and questions (0.5 page)
  • Proposed budget including all fees in USD
  • ODI will review expressions of interest on a rolling basis.

Following conclusion of any required negotiations, a contract will be put in place with ODI.