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Working group on EU-Mercosur negotiations - agriculture and agribusiness

This project involves co-ordinating the Third Research Group ("Cluster Group") of the Working Group on EU-Mercosur Negotiations, dealing with agriculture and agribusiness. The group includes three experts and one discussant studying the following themes:

  • Market access: a study in tariff and NTB in agriculture goods and products
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary measures
  • Non-trade concerns: rural development, precautionary clauses, the environment.

Co-ordinating the group involves defining the terms of reference for research; contributing a policy-oriented Introductory Paper synthesising the group's work and adding the political and negotiation dimensions; contributing a Summary of the discussions of the Special Session; and attending other Cluster Groups' Special Sessions and to present this Cluster Group's work at the Annual Seminar.


Sheila Page