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Women’s citizenship and state building in fragile states

The purpose of this research project is to inform and promote state building processes in fragile states that result in stronger citizenship for women.  The project aims to:

  • Generate new evidence and analysis on how state building processes impact women’s citizenship in different types of fragile state contexts.
  • Provide action-oriented recommendations for international actors and for national policy makers working in fragile states on how they can strengthen women’s citizenship through their state building strategies.
  • Promote greater engagement with gender issues by the research and development community working on state building and stronger gender analysis within state building theories and models.
  • Strengthen the capacity of partner organizations in Africa, Latin America and Europe to advocate for gender sensitive state building processes within their own countries.

The full report from this project will be available in early 2011.


Pilar Domingo; Marta Foresti; Sara Pantuliano; Leni Wild; Asha Elkarib

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