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Vietnam Social Audit

The central objective of this project is to assist the Government of Vietnam and partners in identifying, implementing and supporting a participatory social audit strategy to better monitor and evaluate the social impact of the SEDP 2006-2010 and to contribute to the enhanced planning, monitoring and evaluation of the 2011-2015 SEDP. This study will help to improve understanding of the SEDP’s impacts and the gaps in social service delivery, and to make planning and monitoring more comprehensive, participatory, and policy-relevant around the review of the 2006-2010 and development of 2011-2015 plans. In addition to helping the government conduct an initial pilot audit, and build capacity around future audits, an additional objective will be to help the government to initiate a more continuous, sustainable system of monitoring, evaluation, and feedback with local communities, through interim monitoring activities. We shall advocate for the integration of our findings into the development of the 2011-2015 SEDP through workshops and awareness raising at both the central and provincial level.


Nicola Jones Jessica Espey

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