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Trade Options offered by the EU to Zambia

Sheila Page will act as the Regional Trade Expert representing ICMS in the provision of technical assistance to the ACP Secretariat. Specifically, she will be responsible for the provision of inputs involving the identification of geographical configuration options available to Zambia. This will involve the following: conducting a SWOT analysis of trade options offered by the EU available to Zambia (EBA and EPA) in the context of the emerging regional trade framework of Southern and Eastern Africa. carrying out a comprehensive audit of Zambia's bilateral and plurilateral economic (trade and investment) agreements and their implication for EPA negotiations and vice-versa. assessing the levels of political cohesion (structural and operational) within SADC and COMESA respectively. comparing and contrasting degrees of technical and political feasibility of the different options for geographical configurations of EPAs. ascertaining the implications of entering into an EPA in the context of progress towards regional integration - COMESA and SADC. assessing the relevance of the results of the regional studies on Compatibility of Trade Policies in the Context of Current Regional Economic Integration Processes (COMESA and SADC) and specifically evaluate the studies' results on the following analysis: trade policy orientation, coherency and compatibility implications of the evolution of competing FTAs and Customs Unions and Scope for regional external trade policy configuration using the existing EU trade polices under Cotonou, the EBA initiative and the TDCA as reference points, evaluating the compatibility and coherency of the trade-related regimes, including Rules of Origin, Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Measures of COMESA and SADC in relation to the following: mutual compatibility and coherency (COMESA vs SADC) each body's compatibility and coherency with Zambia's trade policy evolution trajectory each body's current and future (within close proximity to the 2007 launch of EPAs) disposition to compatibility and coherence with the EU regime/s. assessing the value-added benefits deriving from COMESA and SADC respectively that go beyond the purely trade aspects of EPAs and look into avenues for potential functional co-operation (tools for development finance, political dialogue, environmental aspects, etc.) The project will generate results that reflect: the politically and technically feasible options available to Zambia for geographical configuration of EPAs negotiations; the appropriate legal, technical and political consultative processes for (i) the national consensus and negotiating mandate and (ii) binding regional configuration and negotiating mandate; and a presentation of a SWOT analysis and actionable recommendations for Zambia under each scenario.