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Thinking and working politically reading pack

A reading pack on 'Thinking and working politically', created as part of a GSDRC series aimed at introducing thought-provoking international issues to DFID advisers and the wider development community.

Each reading pack in this DFID commissioned series has been developed by an expert in the subject in question and created with accessibility in mind; all are written in an easy to understand manner and available to download and print from the website.

As part of their contribution, the ODI has created a reading pack on the subject of 'thinking and working politically'. The pack consisted of:

  • A short introduction to 'thinking and working politically'
  • A selection of four to six current, thought-provoking, challenging readings on the subject
  • A set of challenging discussion questions designed to probe 'key debates' and 'enduring questions' about the subjects covered
  • A short video recording (5-10 minutes long) in which the expert responsible for the pack introduces the subject, highlights key challenges and debates, and poses provocative questions
  • A photo and short biography of the author.


  • Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC)
  1. Thinking and working politically reading pack