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The new EPAs: comparative analysis of their content and tasks for 2008

This project aimed to analyse the trade regimes for Africa that on 1 January 2008 replaced the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA), the negotiations that remain to be completed and the challenges facing Africa in implementation, some of which require support from Europe. It looked at the liberalisation that African states have agreed to undertake in relation to imports from the European Union (EU) and vice versa and key features of the main texts of the interim Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). It also reviewed the process that culminated in the initialling of interim EPAs by some ACP states but not by others to learn the lessons, reviews the future options for both current signatories and non-signatories and assesses the aid for trade (AfT) modalities.


Mareike Meyn, Jane Kennan, Sanoussi Bilal, Corinna Braun-Munzinger, Franziska Jerosch, Davina Makhan and Francesco Rampa (ECDPM)