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The evolving World Bank role in International Development Architecture

This draft paper, intended as being suitable as an input to the IDA-14 discussions, will look at recent trends and issues in the international 'aid architecture', especially as they affect the changing roles of different categories of aid institutions and the Bank within that context, as well as specific examples of recent country-based experience in that regard.

This will involve a literature search and summary review of the evolving state of the international aid architecture, domenting changing roles of major actors or subsets of actors (multilaterals, bilaterals, MDBs, BWIs, UN, EC etc.), and listing some of the major concerns and issues as they have been expressed already in the public domain. This would include some recap of recent DAC ODA patterns in this light, but no new analysis of data.

There will also be a set of six or seven case studies relating the above to specific grounding, showing both success stories of better alignment and others where there is some progress but still much work ahead.


Paolo de Renzio, Andrew Rogerson

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