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The design of a programme support to trade facilitation in South Sudan

This assignment aims to complete a full business case for a programme of support for the establishment of a Customs Service in South Sudan; and consider and make recommendations for a programme of support to facilitate trade between South Sudan and its neighbours.

It will:

  • Engage critically with the TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) design team and DFID South Sudan staff to appraise the need and options for interventions, including in relation to value for money and the clear specification of results
  • Ensure that design takes account of the broader political/economic context such as the continued economic interdependence with the North
  • Ensure that the programme is consistent with the Government of South Sudan’s own development priorities and identified capacity needs
  • Ensure that corruption and other risks are fully accounted for in the design
  • Ensure that results can be achieved for women and girls