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The Centre for War Economies

Understanding the economic factors that sustain wars and shape livelihoods is critical for understanding how to build lasting peace.

The CWE builds on ODI’s longstanding track record as a global leader in research, policy and convening on questions of political economy in situations of conflict, crisis and ‘fragility’ (in its multiple forms). The Centre brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers and policy analysts (economists, business analysts, political scientists, trade and legal experts) with geographical expertise (Africa, Central Asia, Central Europe and the Balkans) to conduct research, develop policy briefs to advise and convene conversations.

Troops advance during anti-Shabaab operation in Somalia. UN Photo/Stuart Price

The way war works

How do economies function during violent conflicts or war?

Transitioning from war economies to peace economies

What are the key shifts relative to peace economies? Is there any standard pattern we can detect, or do experiences differ from country to country, from conflict to conflict? Who stands to lose when an economy transitions from war to peace?

Demography of war economies

How do powerful actors extract rents during conflicts? How do ordinary citizens survive in a conflict economy?

Is business in war a risky business? Which businesses thrive, and why? How should international actors (Development Finance Institutions) tailor support to Private Sector Development in ways that minimise conflict and reinforce peace?

Business and War

Can business investments help bring stability and peace in places affected by conflict – or is this just wishful thinking?
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