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Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities and Resource Management in Coastal Communes in Vietnam

The Government of Vietnam is giving increasing attention to the situation of poor communes in the Central Coastal Region of the country. Rural households and communities in this region are subject to a number of constraints and vulnerabilities that result from seasonal climatic fluctuations and frequent disasters and a variable natural resource base.

In December 2003 the Governmment approved a new national program supporting the socio-economic development of communes on coastal spits and islands that meet with special difficulties (Prime Minister's Decision No.257/QD-TTG dated 03/12/2003). The aim of this program is to invest in essential infrastructure with a view to creating conditions for development of production and tapping of potentials and advantages of coastal regions and islands, and contributing to the successful implementation of the program on hunger eradication and poverty alleviation in such localities.

This current study was intended to to demonstrate practical applications of the SL approach to poverty reduction and community development planning, as well as to provide knowledge and experience that can contribute to the formulation of the new national program on coastal communes.  

Cecilia Luttrell