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Sustainable Development Training for the FCO

Future Energy Solutions is contracted to deliver a series of seminars and training modules to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on environment-related policy matters, including climate change, energy security, and sustainable development. The packages of training provided FCO staff with UK policy knowledge to allow them to pursue these policies abroad and relevant knowledge (or at least good grounding and a place to find further information) in order to carry out their role as advisers.

The FCO strategy policy priority of Sustainable Development is to promote democracy, good governance and human rights and to work for progress towards poverty reduction and sustainable development. Sven Grimm, Zaza Curran, Ruth Driscoll and Julius Court were contracted to speak on:

Governance for sustainable development; European governance and initiatives in sustainable development; Introduction to the PRSP approach.
Ruth Driscoll, Julius Court, Sven Grimm (former ODI Research Fellow, now with DIE)Sven Grimm (former ODI Research Fellow, now with DIE), Zaza Curran (former PPPG)