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Supporting researchers to achieve policy change: Winrock International workshop

Hero image description: Chittagong Image credit:Photo by ODI/Jessica Mackenzie Image license:Creative Commons
​In March 2015, RAPID held a 2-day workshop aimed at fostering ‘policy entrepreneurs’ among researchers supported by Winrock International. The workshop also supported development of a training module on using research to generate evidence-based policy-making. Winrock staff members were trained to become facilitators, who will go on to train more Winrock International researchers in other countries, such as Myanmar.

Training focused on RAPID’s Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA) to policy influence, and covered:

  • Understanding the constraints facing sector researchers.
  • Developing a policy-focused research agenda (rather than academic-interest).
  • Mapping the political landscape and identifying important stakeholders.
  • Assessing what information could enable those stakeholders to support policy change.
  • Synthesising compelling stories from research results.

This project contributes to RAPID’s third outcome, making developing agencies smarter.


Josephine Tsui

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