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Support to the Government of Indonesia Working Group on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation in Indonesia (REDD)

ODI is providing advice and support to the Working Group on REDD in Indonesia. The Working Group was established by the Ministry of Forests and contributes to the development of an Indonesian Forest Climate Alliance (IFCA).  

The REDD Working Group aims to support the development and implementation of an internationally agreed mechanism and carbon fund, to provide incentives for reducing deforestation. This includes a forest carbon measurement methodology, a set of national or sub-national carbon emissions reduction scenarios, public / private financing of forest carbon, as well as mechanisms for fund management and distribution.

The urgency of this work derives from the timetable of the UNFCCC 13th COP to be held in Bali in December 2007. This aims to agree a negotiating mandate on REDD, as one component of a post-2012 climate regime. It is also hoped that the Working Group will provide additional impetus for early action on REDD preparedness and financing, with a launch of its findings by the Government of Indonesia at COP13.


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