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Support to DFID's Chief Economist on G20 Growth Framework

Initial tasks will include:

  • Engagement with HMT on the development dimensions of the Framework, including analytical work on strength of linkages between G20 growth/ imbalances/ policy choices and growth in LICs.
  • Economic support to DFID Chief Economist on new IMF model for the G20 mutual assessment exercise.  E.g. how does the IMF WEO model work/ analytical underpinnings/ development dimensions?  How best to incorporate development into new IMF model for G20 Framework?
  • Economic support to DFID Chief Economist on engaging with the World Bank, ensuring WB conducts meaningful assessments, including scenarios, of G20 policy impact on LICs; ideas for strengthening future WB engagement.  Travel with Alan Winters (and HMT) to Washington in mid-January.
  • Providing policy link between DFID Chief Economist and DFID G20 Team located in DRD, as well as with IFDE economist until the hand-over of G20 responsibilities to DRD is completed at end-March 2010.