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Support for Effective Policymaking through the Development of Scientific Evidence-Based Research

The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) conducts fundamental research into socio-economic, cultural and human development in Viet Nam at the request of the Government. Through applied research projects within its 30 institutes, VASS provides the academic foundations for Government plans, strategies and policies. This new project aims to build upon the work of the three year ‘Assistance to the 20 Year Review of Doi Moi in Viet Nam’ project which has been implemented by the Vietnam Academy of Social Science (VASS) between 2005 and 2008 and which identified the need to continue to build capacity in the areas of research management and policy advocacy within VASS. This new project aims to build the capacity of VASS researchers in three areas: research management, human development research and evidence based policy advocacy. The project will also provide researchers with opportunities to practically apply these skills, in particular through the preparation of a National Human Development Report for Viet Nam to be published in 2011.

Research Management focuses on introducing to VASS institutes internationally recognised project/programme management methodologies: Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and PRojects IN Controlled Environment (PRINCE2) through translation of key training materials, organization of internal training, workshops and mentoring.

Evidence-based Policy Advocacy refers to the introduction of a long-term strategy to strengthen scientific evidence based policy advocacy capacity in VASS. Based on a simple analytical framework, researchers will be provided with a range of practical tools in order to make better use of research-based evidence in the development of policy and will be helped to acquire capacity in understanding the policy making process, developing mutually beneficial partnerships with relevant stakeholders, collaborating on scientific evidence based research projects and publishing key findings.

National Human Development Report concerns the establishment of a nationally owned programme made up of an independent network of researchers and representatives from the Government, civil society, academia and independent think tanks who collaborate on human development research including the next National Human Development Report.


John Young, Jeff Knezovich, Ajoy Datta, Eva Cardoso

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