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Strengthening the trade negotiation capacity of the Solomon Islands

​This project will allow the Solomon Islands to effectively participate in regional and international trade. It will address and remedy the constraints currently faced by the Solomon Islands, relating to a lack of capacity and technical skills, the lack of a trade policy and negotiation framework, the lack of coordination between ministries on trade policy. 

It will do this by increasing the effectiveness and analytical skills possessed by trade negotiators in the government, enhancing coordination between different government agencies that contribute to negotiations, increasing the government’s knowledge and understanding of the costs and benefits of implementing a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the EU, and establishing a trade negotiations framework with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET). 

Some of the key components of the projects include conducting a cost benefit analysis of concluding an EPA with the EU, the creation of a Solomon Islands Trade Negotiations Framework, a Trade Negotiations Skills Workshop, and the building of a capacity for trade analysis within the government.


Chris Stevens; Jodie Keane; Jane Kennan; Dan Gay; Yurendra Basnett

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