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Strengthening research uptake capacities among ACACIA research partners

This project is designed to provide ACACIA research partners with opportunities to build and strengthen their capacity to communicate research effectively and stimulate the demand side of the research uptake process.

Fresh thinking and innovation are key drivers of development research. Experience shows that when development research is well designed and executed - and skillfully communicated - it can influence policy that is more effective, more efficient and more equitable.

This project will use a mentoring and technical assistance process to ensure that activities respond to specific needs and assessments, research project/networks may receive support to:

  • Conduct a process of project/network communications analysis
  • Develop a communication strategy (where applicable)
  • Understand message crafting and delivery for diverse audiences
  • Build relationships and stimulate demand from policy-makers, the media, and the general public to ensure uptake
  • Help create a friendlier environment for new knowledge and evidence-informed policies
  • Use ICT and other tools to ensure the flow of new research - "conveyor belts for knowledge".
ODI researchers will provide support and mentor ACACIA networks/projects to learn and make more effective use of communications in order to achieve engagement with potential 'research users' and to enhance the impact of research in policy and practice.


Caroline Cassidy

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