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Strengthening Climate Resilience

Strengthening Climate Resilience (SCR) is a DfID funded programme (November 2009 - October 2011) that aims to enhance the ability of governments and civil-society organisations in developing countries to build the resilience of communities to disasters and climate change as part of their development work.

Throughout the first year the SCR programme has developed a Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management (CSDRM) Approach. In support of this, a preliminary evidence base has also been collected, using projects, programmes and policies presented during national and regional consultations. Ten national consultations have taken place, and three regional consultations. In addition, a ‘SCR Series’ has been developed which includes discussion papers on topics such as the convergence of DRM and CCA, ‘greening’ DRR, the concept of resilience, and in-depth case study research from Sri Lanka, India and Cambodia. The SCR programme also hosts its own website, allowing access to all programme resources as well as access to a Key Issues Guide on the convergence of DRM and CCA.

ODI will provide strategic and technical input into the following areas of the SCR programme:

  • Provide technical input into forthcoming publications

  • Participate in UK Strategic Group for SCR

  • Represent SCR at key high level events

  • Provide feedback on the latest iteration of the CSDRM Approach


Supported by

  • Brazil (DFID) at the Department for International Development (DFID)