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Scoping study on the contribution of circular migration to poverty reduction in India and Vietnam

The potential of circular migration to reduce poverty in agriculturally marginal areas is now being discussed by leading donors and researchers. This project, carried out with the Vietnam Asia-Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC), aims to assess how much we know about this and what we need to know for more effective policy design. It:

  • assesses the scope and quality of existing reports on labour
  • identifies what might additionally be gleaned from existing qualitative and quantitative databases
  • identifies the questions that cannot be addressed from existing information, and propose how they might be tackled by fuller studies.

It then goes on toidentify knowledge gaps and outline the types of further work needed to fill these gaps in order to improve public investment and service provision to support accumulative migration and provide social protection to the most vulnerable migrants. 


John Farrington, Dr Dang Anh