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Scoping study on social vulnerability in three climate change hotspots for the CARIAA programme


Hero image description: Fresh water being poured into a jerrycan. Harshin district, in the eastern Somali region of Ethiopia Image credit:Siegfried Modola Image license:ODI given rights

The aim of this programme is to develop robust evidence to inform how to increase the resilience of vulnerable populations in three hotspots: large deltas, glacier-fed river basins and semi-arid areas, in Africa and Central and South Asia. ODI are carrying out a systematic mapping of climate change literature, to provide insights into the state of knowledge on social vulnerability in these three hotspots.

DRC and the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) are partnering to support this program, which runs until 2019. The experience and lessons learned through their earlier joint climate change effort, the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program (2006-2012), have provided insight and guidance for CARIAA’s mission.

The outcomes of this programme are:

  • A better understanding of the conditions leading to vulnerability to climate change including under different socio-economic scenarios and climate warming scenarios.
  • Policies or practices which help vulnerable populations or sectors adapt to climate change from evidence generated at various scales.


Roger Calow, Declan Conway, Mona Daoud, Roger Few, Lindsey Jones, Shirley Matheson, Sobona Mtisi, Naomi Oates

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