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Save the Children UK’s political will monitoring tool

Save the Children UK works to generate political will for change, for the benefit of children around the world. In 2016 they commissioned the ODI’s Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) programme to help them to measure changes in political will, and to better understand their contribution to such change.

The RAPID team has developed a tool that applies an outcome mapping approach, to explore how the process of changing behaviour leads to policy change. The tool has been piloted in three Save the Children UK country offices, with the aim for it to be used internationally.

The tool helps country offices to:

  • Increase understanding of the effectiveness of their advocacy efforts and tactics
  • Plan advocacy strategically
  • Learn by identifying gaps and areas for improvement
  • Improve accountability to donors, board members and beneficiaries

This project contributes to RAPID’s third outcome, Making Developing Agencies Smarter.


Jessica Mackenzie, Josephine Tsui, Tiina Pasanen and Hannah Caddick

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