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SADC Customs Union

Given the existing network of trading arrangements in Eastern and Southern Africa (SADC, COMESA, SACU, EAC, the Cotonou Agreement, EBA, SA-EU DTA, and AGOA), the project

• Assessed whether a SADC CU is advisable and feasible.

• Explored probable geographic configuration of a SADC CU considering overlapping membership in regional agreements – this would include prospects of SACU expanding to include SADC member states and COMESA and SADC CUs intersecting.

• Briefly discussed the likely impact of a SADC CU on member countries (main economic sectors, investment, revenue, etc).

• Developed an outline checklist identifying the actions required to move towards a CU and indicative timetable taking into account the timetables for EPA negotiations and COMESA and ECA CUs.

• Explored options for country configurations for negotiating EPAs with the EU, if (a) SADC moves towards a CU, and (b) SADC sticks to its FTA objective.


Sheila Page

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