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Review and analyse potential challenges of support to strengthen resilience to improve connectedness strategies in transitional settings

The primary objective of the collaborative research is to develop programming in transitional contexts which supports resilience and ‘connectedness’ between emergency and development approaches and interventions.

This work will include a study of approaches currently being used or proposed for supporting resilience and connectedness in transitions, and the development of an appropriate model for GIZ; and the establishment of a research study to investigate in practice how transitional programming influences resilience.

The outputs of the study will be:

-       A concise review of approaches to resilience and connectedness, applied to transitions, with a proposal for a model to take forward. A paper will review current literature and interview key informants to analyse practice and thinking.

-       A roundtable in Berlin to review and discuss approaches with GIZ.

-      On-going technical support, including feedback on GIZ’s developing strategy for work in transitions.

-       Supporting the development of an action-oriented research design to test the implementation of the transitional aid strategy.