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Restoring livelihoods through community-driven development in conflict settings

Hero image description: Tailors of Kabul new internationalist Image credit:SLRC/Rich Mallett Image license:Creative Commons
​Community-driven development (CDD) has become an increasingly popular operational approach for economic reconstruction, sub-national service delivery, fostering social cohesion, and bottom-up state building in post-conflict and fragile states. While much has been done in terms of assessing both the challenges and opportunities of working through CDD approaches to improve governance, what is missing is an in-depth understanding of how to restore and rebuild livelihoods through CDD approaches in fragile and conflict settings.

The aim of this project, through case studies of CDD programmes in four South Asian countries, is to provide lessons learned and user-friendly programme guidance on designing and implementing CDD-livelihood interventions in these settings.

The team will facilitate a knowledge and experience exchange programme between World Bank CDD staff to share lessons, draw synergies and develop partnerships.


Lucy Scott, Martina Ulrichs, Paul Harvey, Paul Francis, Yuan Yang, Steve Commins, Anna Larson, Anita Ghimire, Wafaey Hassan, Zubair Iqbal

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