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Responding to HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries: Action Research-Policy Projects

Responding to HIV/AIDS in developing countries is one of the major challenges of our time. Based on an assessment of the impact of a range of interventions on improving human well-being in poorer countries, the Copenhagen Consensus identified preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS as the single most valuable way to spend additional resources. Yet overall progress in fighting the disease has been frustratingly slow.

This project used credible research to engage with policy and practice and learn from the experience. Focusing on two developing countries - South Africa and Kenya, the projects aimed to:

  1. Promote evidence-informed policy on children and HIV/AIDS at national and local levels in South Africa and Kenya;
  2. Assess and learn what works in terms of promoting evidence-based policy in developing countries;
  3. Assess ways to build capacity in developing countries to scale up the promotion of evidence-based policy on HIV/AIDS.