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Resilient Islands

‘Resilient islands’ distils expert analysis on the multidimensional challenges facing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and the strategies and opportunities for collective action in the 21st century to tackle these.

‘Building back better’: a resilient Caribbean

This event discusses the policies and innovations needed to build back better in the Caribbean post-hurricane Irma & Maria.

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A local surveys the damage in Scott’s Head, Dominica, 2017 - Gemma Handy/BBC News

How to take early action in the eastern Caribbean to avoid climate extremes becoming disasters

Extreme weather events are becoming more intense in the Eastern Caribbean. Early action can stop climate extremes from turning into disasters.

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The Caribbean must think carefully about how and where to ‘build back better’ after the hurricanes of 2017

"Building back better” to create more resilient societies is a laudable goal, but every country is different and there are no quick fixes.

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Opinion: To finance resilience in small states, governments and development partners must take some risks

After Hurricane Maria swept through Dominica in 2017, causing extensive damage to crops, livestock, and 90% of homes, and generating losses of 226% of its gross domestic product — this island of some 70,000 people set out a bold vision to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation

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