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Research-inspired Policy and Practice Learning in Ethiopia and the Nile Region

Research-inspired Policy and Practice Learning in Ethiopia and the Nile Region, RiPPLE, is a research programme and resource centre that was funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and led by from 2006 to 2011. The objective of RiPPLE is to advance evidence-based learning on water supply and sanitation and to inform the policy and practice agenda around service delivery, water resources management and climate change adaptation. From July 2011, RiPPLE will be led by an Ethiopian team under the Hararghe Catholic Secretariat (HCS).

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Eva Ludi, Josephine Tucker, Anu Liisanantti, Marialivia Iotti, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, WaterAid Ethiopia, College of Development Studies, Addis Ababa University, Harar Catholic Services
  1. Water in food security assessment and drought early warning

    Working paper

  2. Promoting sanitation and hygiene to rural households in Southern Region (SNNPR), Ethiopia: experiences of health extension workers and community health promoters

    Working paper

  3. Income diversification through improved irrigation in Ethiopia: impacts, constraints and prospects for poverty reduction

    Working paper

  4. Adapting to climate change in the water sector

    Working paper

  5. Economic benefits of access to water in Ethiopia: The case for packages of investments

    Briefing/policy paper

  6. Multiple-use Water Services (MUS): Cost-effective water investments to reduce poverty and address all the MDGs

    Briefing/policy paper

  7. Mapping for Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) in Ethiopia

    Working paper

  8. Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) and Poverty: Micro-level linkages in Ethiopia

    Working paper

  9. Technology choices in Water Supply and Sanitation: Report on collaborative research, learning and networking between Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya

    Research report

  10. Policy and institutional factors affecting formulation and implementation of Sanitation and Hygiene strategy: A case study from the Southern Nations Region (‘SNNPR’) of Ethiopia

    Working paper

  11. Mapping: Spatial thinking - Using mapping to support WASH in RiPPLE activities


  12. Achieving water security: lessons from research in water supply, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia

    Book/book chapter

  13. Achieving water security

    Book/book chapter