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Public finance and development: monthly round-up blogs

Hero image description: Loans and repayment schedules, Mumbai, India. Photo: Simone D. McCourtie/World Bank CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Every month, one of our experts rounds up the latest must-read resources and stories from the world of public finance and development. Catch up on all blogs from this series below. You can also find out more about our Development and Public Finance programme.

Our latest round-up blogs

Top things to read in March

ODI's new working paper series, the impact of the pandemic on education spending, challenges with debt relief and more.

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Top things to read in February

Prospects for tax reform, the dilemmas of public investment, and digitalisation in government.

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Top things to read in January

Accounting and auditing, the centralisation of financial management in the health sector and digitalisation.

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Top things to read in December

Corruption in the emergency response to Covid-19, Zambia’s recent debt default and tax in Africa.

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Top things to read in November

Lessons learnt about the economic and fiscal impact of Covid-19, and how countries can manage spending.

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Top things to read on fiscal responses to Covid-19

Must-reads on the fiscal responses to the coronavirus pandemic, strains on the health system and protecting households and businesses.

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