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Public and political narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: implications for action

Image credit:Ilias Bartolini via Flickr/Creative Commons Image license:CC BY-SA 2.0

This project aims to encourage and support better understanding and more proactive engagement of the policy and business community in the politically challenging but manageable reality of global human mobility. Through a series of activities, dialogues and innovative communication and outreach initiatives, the project is mapping recent research and evidence on public attitudes toward refugees and other migrants in Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Uganda, the UK and the USA.

We explore how public attitudes are shaped in these countries, and identify opportunities and entry points for engagement by the policy and business community. This project is funded by the Ikea Foundation.

Hearts and minds: how Europeans think and feel about immigration

Our data visualisation shares data and analysis on public and political narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants in Europe.

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