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Psychosocial support and service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings

Hero image description: Amongst friends, Waiting at the Galle bus stand in Sri Lanka Image credit:2012 Some rights reserved by Photosightfaces Image license:Creative Commons

​The overall aim of this project is to explore the extent to which services and other responses to mental health and psychosocial stresses in post conflict settings are informed by the context, by gender and by social-cultural norms. This project has a particular focus on the role that human resources play in shaping service provision experiences for adolescents, and particularly adolescent girls. 

The study hopes to show, that unless factors such as context, gender, and socio-cultural norms are taken into account responses will likely be inadequate, insufficient and may even perpetuate discriminatory social norms and practices particularly facing adolescent girls. In order to achieve this, the project will explore current service provision in Liberia, Sri Lanka and Gaza; how the conflict affected adolescent girls in particular; their coping strategies at individual, household and community levels, and the extent to which an understanding of these underpins the professional training and experiences of key health service providers

Findings from this study will help inform programmers, service deliverers and policy makers on culturally appropriate /sensitive approaches for dealing with issues of mental health and psychosocial stresses in post –conflict situations and amongst adolescents. It will also add to the body of literature on this relatively neglected area.


Nicola Jones, Hanna Alder, Agnieszka Malachowska