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Pro-poor tourism development in Cape Verde

The following tasks will be performed:

1.    Analyse the effect that the GPRSP-II, labour legislation, and the tourism investment policy have had on the type of linkages that the tourism sector generates with poor households.

2.    Analyse the value chains of tourism, including the role of selected agricultural and fisheries products, making a comparison between all-inclusive type of accommodations of Boa Vista and Sal with the more integrated accommodations of Santo Antão and Fogo.

3.    Estimate a poverty profile of the people working along the tourism sector using available data (e.g., 2010 Census and the 2007 CWIQ), while also making a comparison of poverty levels across islands.

The objective of this study is to determine how to integrate Cape Verde’s tourism sector more closely with the domestic economy in general, and the agricultural and fisheries sector in particular. This goal is urgent and necessary and the Overseas Development Institute is enthusiastic to support such an initiative.


Pedro Martins

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