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Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Research

This collaborative project seeks to identify and institutionalise innovative research and development mechanisms and approaches that lead to pro-poor policy outcomes. A series of case studies, focusing on specific areas of policy change and in some cases specific projects including in their objectives impacts at policy level, will be carried out with emphasis on Eastern Africa. A major focus will be on identifying how policymakers source information that contributes to the policy process as well as the roles of research vis-à-vis non research actors and on communications between them. The case studies will provide a framework for the institutions involved to learn and adopt new ways of working to achieve their goals.

The project aims to achieve the following outputs:

  • A validated methodology to evaluate the influence and role of research and other information on policy decisions and change;
  • Identification of innovative research and development approaches that lead to pro-poor policy outcomes;
  • A framework (principles and processes) to guide development of new research and development projects;
  • Commitments from ILRI, NARS and partner institutions to move towards mainstreaming and institutionalisation of the identified approaches.

The outputs were supported by a range of printed and web-based materials such as a moderated web-based platform to facilitate sharing information between a broad network of research and non-research players; a series of ODI style working and briefing papers; a range of specific information resources for different audiences which might include policy briefs, a summary brochure/booklet, practical tools and/or a set of guiding principles that recognise that there is no single solution to structuring the research process but that projects evolve and a range of possible approaches are selected and adapted; and an on-line version capturing the detail of the case study findings including episode studies, results of interviews seminars and workshops together with final lessons and recommendations.