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Political Economy Analysis in Action training course

Hero image description: AKUJA, helps girls stay in school, South Sudan, Bruno Bierrenbach Feder DFID, 2016 Image credit:AKUJA, helps girls stay in school, South Sudan, Bruno Bierrenbach Feder DFID, 2016 Image license:CC-BY-NC-ND

This training is offered by ODI and the Policy Practice. It is available in both a three-day face-to-face version, designed for large organisations, and an online version tailored to the needs of smaller groups and individual participants.

The training is based on the flagship face-to-face course we have provided over 35 times since 2008 for organisations including DFID, the Netherlands Foreign Ministry, Belgian Technical Cooperation, GIZ, Irish Aid, the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia, the IMF, the European Commission and UNDP. The online version of the course has been successfully delivered at least four times to UK Government staff. Since being opened to wider participation, it has been offered at least twice to staff of implementing organisations and think tanks. 

The course is delivered by David Booth of ODI and Alex Duncan of The Policy Practice (TPP) with contributions from other ODI and TPP staff. It is professionally facilitated by Samantha Wade of TPP.

The course is designed to equip advisers and programme managers to identify key political and institutional challenges and opportunities in a variety of different contexts, and to draw well-grounded conclusions for strategy, and programme design and implementation.

By the end of the course, participants understand:

  • What political economy analysis is, and where it comes from.
  • Why it has the potential to improve development policy and programme design and management.
  • What is involved in applying a framework for political economy analysis.

Further details are provided in the downloadable PDF on this page.

To register your interest and obtain details of the next scheduled courses, including timings and costs, please email [email protected].


Alex Duncan (The Policy Practice)

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