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Overview of the Role of CSOs in India

This national-level overview paper for CWS (the Centre for World Solidarity) will describe the role of civil society organisations in India and how this has evolved since independence. CWS is the parent NGO of the Centre for People's Forestry (CPF) which is the focus for another PPA-funded project (PPA0206 - Collaboration with the Centre for People's Forestry in India ). The study will provide:

  • An overview of NGO work in the country as a curtain raiser to the discourse of the country policy paper for CWS work; and
  • Broad policy positions within key CSOs (in the areas of dalits and development, sustainable dryland agriculture, water, displaced populations, migration and trafficking, human rights, advocacy work and gender) , evidence of policy shifts and how CWS should position itself to maximise policy impact.