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Outcome Mapping Phase III

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

1. To support OM principles and tools that are incorporated into the development interventions of international development agencies, CSOs, governments and other relevant users

2. To have community members contribute to the development of the OM methodology

3. To see community members share their experiences with other members, support and advise each other and collaborate around shared interests

4. To see that the community is able to influence changes in the policies and practices of bi-lateral donors, private funding agencies and foundations so that the OM methodology is accepted in their funding proposal formats and monitoring and evaluation protocols

5. To see if the community is able to sustain core functions through funding sources other than the Centre

6. To consolidate the ROMA methodology into a book and ensure its uptake among donors, think tanks, CSOs and researchers planning to develop policy influencing strategies, and

7. To document and critically assess think tanks' policy influencing strategies in order to show how the principles of OM are being applied - or may be easily applied in developing country think tanks



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