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Outcome Mapping Learning Community Phase II

The Outcome Mapping Learning Community – Phase II project builds on the work already carried out by ODI between 2005 and 2007 to develop an online learning community for Outcome Mapping users. The previous phases focused on the development of the community, setting up an online platform, facilitating debate and funding some small scale studies to support the sharing of experiences among OM users. The second phase will seek to strengthen the community by further studying OM in relation to current and future development narratives and practical applications; introducing new technologies for knowledge sharing (including distance learning) and continuing to strategically communicate OM to key development actors.
The General Objective of the project is to strengthen and consolidate the OMLC, so that the community members are able to benefit more appropriately from the resources, tools and knowledge available, and better understand the OM methodology and its application to their own work.
Specific objectives for the Facilitation of the OMLC include:
1. Members effectively share and communicate OM with their partners and clients; as a consequence of an improved understanding of OM among OMLC members.
2. Members’ development interventions take into consideration the necessary behavioural changes of key development actors; as a consequence of an improved understanding of behavioural changes in development practice.
3. Members’ explore usefulness and relevance of OM in current and future development narratives, methodologies, approaches and tools.
4. Members’ pilot new technologies for capacity development, networking and knowledge sharing.
5. Members incorporate relevant OM principles in development practice.
It will focus on four streams of work:
1. Facilitation
2. Research
3. Communications
4. Capacity development


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