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ODI-Gatsby Africa Learning Partnership

Gatsby Africa’s mission is to create jobs, raise incomes and reduce poverty in East Africa by accelerating inclusive and resilient economic growth. Gatsby aims to achieve this by funding and implementing programmes that look to catalyse and influence large-scale and lasting change in priority sectors, while also building and supporting local organisations dedicated to transforming sectors.

Gatsby Africa and ODI have established a partnership to learn more about how inclusive economic growth happens and help Gatsby to achieve its aims, strengthen its work and develop new perspectives and insights. To do so, ODI is critically testing the thinking and assumptions underpinning Gatsby’s work and generating new evidence – drawing on case studies, academic research and economic theory.

ODI’s work under the partnership is specifically focused on examining:

  • What different countries’ experiences through history reveal about triggering inclusive economic growth by transforming individual sectors
  • What factors drive or hold back transformative sector-level change
  • What roles governments need to play in supporting inclusive economic growth through sector-level change


Dirk Willem te Velde, Linda Calabrese, David Booth